FCA Huddle Update – August 28, 2014

All_In_BlackAfter blogging about starting FCA Huddles on Tuesday, I found out that this Friday our local high school is having their monthly Club Day.  So, tomorrow morning for an hour and then in the afternoon in the hour I will be there doing two FCA Huddles.  Please pray for me as I talk to the students about what they can expect in the upcoming school year with our FCA Huddles, ways they can get more involved in FCA in general, and most importantly as I do a short devotion and share the Gospel.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to share right in the schools, so please pray that our Club Day FCA will have a huge impact for Christ on our high school!

youth bowling league starting back again…

After School Jr LeagueWith the start of our fall bowling leagues at the Rec Center also comes the start of our After School Youth Bowling League outreach!  This is a great outreach that we do where students K through 12 can come out each Monday, bowl two games of bowling, receive instruction, pizza, and a drink.  We are able to take buses and pick the students up at their schools and bring them out.  The parents can either pick the students up at the Rec Center or to one of three drop off points.  Over the past few years we have had lots of students participate in this program.  Much of the outreach portion has been through relational evangelism and had even had students accept Christ.  We have also had various times where we have presented the Gospel with our students with everyone listening.  This year we hope to have more times where the Gospel is shared corporately and then have solid Christian adults who are available to follow up with the students.  Please join me in praying that God will begin working in the lives of the students who are going to attend this outreach even now.  Pray that we will have a great turn out and that many student will choose to follow Christ!  Also, pray for plenty of adult volunteers to work with us with our student.  Also, consider whether or not you could volunteer a mere hour and a half a week to see lives changed for Christ!

almost time for ALL IN…


One week from today, I will be waking up bright and early to head to Lee County High School for our first FCA Huddle of the year.  Then two days later I will be heading to Lee County Middle School for the first LCMS FCA Huddle of the year.  This year we are really excited to get back to our students as we challenge them to go “All In” in their relationships with Christ.  We are going to be challenging them to set aside all those things that hold them back from being totally devoted to Christ.  Please begin praying in this upcoming week that God will already be working in the hearts of our students.  Pray that this will be the year where they will totally be “All In” for Christ and as a result we will see a revival in our school system.  Pray for myself, my wife, and all our teachers that help with FCA.  Pray that we will be a true example of Christ to our students both in our words and our actions!  God is going to do something great this year in our FCA, please join in as a prayer partner!!!

breakfast with Maeven…

my crazy little breakfast date!

my crazy little breakfast date!

A few years ago I had the opportunity to do the “5 Love Languages” book study with my Sunday school class at church.  As we went through the study and looked at the five main ways that most people give and receive love I began thinking about the different ways the various members of my family related to the love languages.  Now almost 4 years later I have begun to understand which love languages apply with my own children.  And with my daughter Maeven she is definitely a person who receives love best through quality time.

This past week I have been on a stay cation where I have been doing various things around our house and spending time with Erin and the kiddos.  I also wanted to take advantage of some time to spend quality time with Maeven.  Erin suggested that we go out on a daddy daughter breakfast date one morning, so on Thursday morning that’s just what we did.

Maeven and I loaded up in our van and headed into the big city of Beattyville for breakfast at the local DQ.  My big girl thought she was hot stuff getting her own sausage biscuit and giant chocolate milk.  We talked all about her dolls, cartoons, family members, friends at church, and what she had been learning in her Sunday school and Wednesday night classes.  She really thought she was big stuff when she went from breakfast to a local hardware store.  Until yesterday, I didn’t know that you could get lollipops just for being cute in a hardware store.  Yet, that’s what happened, she walked out of the store with two lollipops for herself and two for her brother!

Even though it was a short morning we had a great time together and my wife told me she spent the rest of the day talking about how much she enjoyed her time with dad.  Realizing that time together is how my little girl feels the most love definitely makes me prioritize time with her even more so.  I love my kids and am so thankful for how God has blessed me with two truly great kids.  As they get older I want to keep understanding and figuring out how they best feel loved so that I can leave no doubt that their Dad truly loves them.  And not only that their Dad truly loves them, but be able to share with them how much their Heavenly Father loves them.  Being a dad is definitely a great challenge, but it’s one that that I am so blessed by and thankful to have!

come back and bowl…

August is a busy time of preparation at The Lee County Recreational Center.  As the summer closes we are busy gearing up with various outreach and activity plans for the fall and winter seasons.  One of the big things that we have accomplished is laying out what bowling leagues we will be having and when they will be starting.  Below is the flyer for when each individual league will be starting.

A prayer request I would like to ask of you is to pray that many people will come out and join these leagues.  Over the last year due to not having heat and air, as well as various other reasons our number of league bowlers has declined.  Our heat and air units are now up and running great and bowling is very comfortable.  The league bowlers are very much a huge part of us being able to keep our doors open and do various outreaches.  So please pray that we will have a great turnout!  Leagues not only help us but they truly are a great way to meet new people, build relationships and have lots of fun.  So if you live in this area, please consider joining a league yourself!

0001. Winter Bowling League Flyer


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