UnDefeated-Logos_3_legacyLast night, I had a chance to speak at the church where I grew up and where my dad is a pastor.  As you may know from previous posts I am not the most comfortable when it comes to preaching to adults and so since I found out I was speaking last week I was a nervous wreck trying to think about what to speak on.  Finally, after much prayer, I felt God directing to share with the church about what we are going to be doing in our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) huddles this year.  The church I was speaking has been a very faithful prayer and financial partner for our huddles and so I wanted to give them a bit of an insight as what we do in our huddles.

This year our theme is “Undefeated” and comes from 1 Corinthians 15:57, which says, “But thanks be to God, who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” (HCSB) ¬†Through our relationship with Christ we know that we can have victory over whatever comes at us in this life and we have the promise that one day sin and death will be defeated and we will live eternally with Christ in Heaven. ¬†This is how we are “Undefeated!” ¬†In particular, I shared with the church last night about how we can be on the path to being “Undefeated” by realizing that Humility beats Pride. ¬†Pride is one of those things that Satan uses to hold us back, fracture relationships, and keep us defeated. ¬†But when we realize we can only do anything through Christ and that all our gifts and talents come through Him, then we can have victory over pride. ¬†When we realize that Christ poured out all his power and came in the form of a servant to live, die and rise again for our sins, we see the ultimate example of humility for us to follow and defeat pride in our lives.

It awesome to see how God allowed me to go from being nervous about speaking to excited about sharing about these exciting truths we will be teaching our FCA students this year. ¬†I asked the church to be praying for our students that we will see those who know Christ to come a deeper love and devotion to Him this year. ¬†Also to be praying that they will impact their schools and that we will see many students accept Christ as their personal savior. ¬†I’d like to ask you to be praying for these same things. ¬†Pray that God will move and work mighty in our Lee County High and Middle School FCA Huddles this year!

comedians-logo_0Last week,  I told you I was just going to start blogging about what was on my mind and thoughts about different things going on and today is one of those random days for doing so.  Last fall, my family was finally blessed to be able to get quality high speed internet at our house.  This has changed our lives dramatically, allowing us to get more ministry work done, have educational tools easily available for our children, and even changed how we take in entertainment at our house.

On that last point about entertainment, our family has moved away from watching tv regularly and is by far doing more streaming than network programming. ¬†My wife’s joy has been the discovery of all the BBC and other forms of British, Spanish, and Australian programs she can enjoy. ¬†While my wife has been lost in Britain I have found that I have really enjoyed more streaming of podcasts to listen to, and also more interview format shows. ¬†One such show that I have found is “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

I used to love watching Seinfeld and began collecting the box sets of the show almost as soon as they came out. ¬†So when I heard Jerry Seinfeld had a show that I could watch online for free I had to check it out. ¬†In each episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Jerry picks out a classic car that he drives to pick up another famous comedian and then they go out for coffee and talk about everything from comedy to the persons history and views on life. ¬†While this might sound boring, I have really enjoyed how it lets you sort of get an insight in to what makes some of our favorite comedians tick. ¬†To understand how they know if something is going to be funny or not, or what advice they can offer to other people has really interested me. ¬†Even the honesty of how sometimes people and certain things get under their skin and annoy them is interesting too. ¬†I guess for the most part one of the things that I have enjoyed about the show is that the conversations seem real and genuine and make you wish you were there drinking coffee with them and listening to the whole conversation, even the parts that were edited out.

If you are a Seinfeld fan or a fan of comedy in general I highly recommend you check out this show which is available for free on Crackle. ¬†There are occasionally some curse words, but most are bleeped out and its not just cussing for cussing sake. ¬†Overall between the classic cars and comedians I think you will really enjoy these short episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

back to basics…

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Editorial
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A couple of time this summer I have tried to get some ideas from readers about what direction to take this blog into. ¬†I haven’t really gotten any feedback and at the same time, I haven’t had any bright ideas of my own. ¬†Originally, I wanted to be some super thought provoking blogger on what all is going on in ministry in Southeastern Kentucky, but as time went on my wife and I needed a site that was an update for our prayer and financial supporters. ¬†That website andyanderin.net largely has done what this site was meant to do as far as keeping up with ministry updates. ¬†So, I found myself running out of ideas to post on here and as you can tell by the sparse posts of this summer I have struggled with what to write. ¬† So what to do what to do…

So as the title of this post suggests I am going to go back to basics.  This blog is going to be about things, ideas, issues and much more randomness that is on my mind and I am dealing with personally.  While I am sure there will be some ministry issues that pop up occasionally, if you really want to know what is going on with Erin in ministry go to andyanderin.net.  Please stay with me though as I process what this site is going to be come and work through various thoughts.  Hopefully it will be something that excites and draws your interest  as well as excites me to work on!

Just wanted to give a quick update that our last two puppie have found their forever homes.  If you were interested in finding a schnoodle puppy keep an eye on our puppy website http://www.bluegrasssuperdogs.com.  We hope our sweet little Lolo will have another litter next spring so stay tuned…

I hate to come back to blogging after being gone for a few weeks with an advertisement, but one of the biggest things we have been doing this summer is taking care of two litters of schnoodle puppies.  We were blessed with 11 puppies total, but have two cuties left that are still looking for their forever homes, a little boy and a little girl.  Check out our Bluegrass Superdogs Facebook page or our website http://www.bluegrasssuperdogs.com to see if one of these sweet puppies would be a fit for your home!

Beatrice - Female

Beatrice – Female

Bash - Male

Bash – Male

A little over a week ago I published a post asking for your help in coming up with a new idea for the name and direction of this blog.  Good news is that lots of your read this post. Bad news is that i am still waiting for ideas.  So please send those ideas in!

Blog-imageI have been trying to do better again about blogging and wanting to write more. ¬†The problem that I have is when I started this blog my focus was to do ministry updates and thoughts about various things that I am facing in ministry. ¬†A couple of years into this blog though my wife and I started a blog to keep our Prayer and Support partners updated on what is going on the various aspects of ministry with KMM. ¬†So, http://www.andyanderin.net has really been doing a lot of what I wanted to do here. ¬†So, now I am seeking a new direction for this blog and welcome any thoughts or ideas that you may have. ¬†Along with this change in direction I am also considering a new name for this blog? ¬†So, what are your thoughts? ¬†I wanted to make this into a fun contest and though I can’t offer a big prize, if I choose your idea for a blog idea or blog name, you will win a pizza on me here at The Lee County Recreational Center. ¬†So let me hear your thoughts! (serious thoughts only please!!!)