dreaming of heffalumps…

winnie-the-pooh-book_1724For the past couple of years my son Judah has been obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.  He loves to watch the cartoon and carried his Pooh Bear around everywhere.  Over the past week though it’s my 4 year old daughter who has become very into Pooh Bear, but in a whole new way.

Each night when I am home I try to always read to my kids before bed. We spend time reading a story, then a Bible story, and then praying together.  A couple of weeks ago i started finding different children’s stories on my iPad and reading them.  Most of them were shorter like Dr. Seuss books.  However, in the free section I came across the Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne and each night Maeven and I have been reading a chapter out of the book.

As we dive into each chapter sometimes, I have to admit, its a tough read for me as it is not exactly modern english.  However, even though my tongue gets tied, Maeven is really enjoying each story.  She really likes how we can recognize bits and pieces of each story that are in the Disney Cartoons.  And every night she wants to know what the next Pooh adventure will be.

Last night we read our chapter on Pooh and Piglet trying to catch and elusive heffalump.  Maeven hung on every word and was sad to see the chapter end and bed time come.  After saying her prayers i tucked her in and bent over to to tell her goodnight and give her a kiss on the forehead.  As I leaned in Maeven smiled really big, grabbed my face and got really close and said, “Dad! Tonight I am going to dream of heffalumps!”  I love my little girl and can’t wait for tonight’s story time!

missing my mountain dew…

sodaFor the past few weeks my wife and I have been discussing things that we want to really be diligent about asking God for help with.  Everything from future plans and directions for our family to getting healthier and more active.  As these conversations and prayers have been progressing we entered in the the Lenten season and decided we wanted to fast from something and use the time of fasting during lent as a time to be more diligent in praying for these areas of our lives and seeking God’s voice.  So the thing that I decided to give up and fast from is soda, or as we say here in Kentucky, pop!

I’m not a drink of ton of pop everyday guy, but I usually have at least one can or bottle each day.  I hadn’t really thought much about how having some pop is a regular part of my life in the past.  However, since beginning this soda fast I have noticed the cravings for a good old Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and even my Kentucky favorite Ale-8.  When those cravings or temptations for a pop hit now, they are a great reminder that I need to be spending that time engaging God in prayer.  I know that He has all the answers for myself and my family and will provide the direction that we need. I am excited to see what He accomplishes in us during this Lenten season.

pray for bowlers to return this week…

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

Last week we were covered in snow most of the week, followed by a weekend covered in ice.  Out of six possible days to have the Rec Center open for the community we only were able to open one day.  With the dangerous road conditions shutting down was the right choice and the safe choice.  However, we definitely needed the income that was lost to help keep the ministry of the Rec Center going.

I have been looking ahead at the weather reports for this coming week it looks like we might escape more snow and ice, but have some cold days.  As we look ahead we are very hopeful that all week we will be able to stay open all week.  We are praying that our bowlers will be excited to come back out after a week of not being able to bowl and our fitness people will want to get back to the gym.  At least today there is no school and so hopefully we will get  some students out bowling!

We need a good week of people coming back out to the Rec Center after being shut down last week.  Please pray for good weather and lots of people to come back to the Rec Center!

Snow Cream and Go Fish…

Maeven helping make snow cream!

Maeven helping make snow cream!

The Great Snowstorm of 2015 hit us pretty hard yesterday with well over a foot of snow falling here at our house.  For most of the day we weren’t even able to see the road in front of our house and so we did the safe thing and stayed in.  A day of being safe inside turned into a very fun day family day with lots of reading, wrestling, games, and treats!

The biggest hit of the day by far was the promise of snow cream.  All through the day we told the kids that if they played together, took a good nap, and were nice to each other we would have fun with the snow. Unfortunately, it was just too cold and windy to take them out  sledding, so snow cream became the reward for a good day.  After supper both kids joined me in the kitchen as we got a big bowl of snow and began mixing our condensed milk and vanilla in.  With each stir it was all the kids could do to keep their hands out of the bowl.  Finally once everything was mixed and out snow cream complete we each got a big bowl full and joined mom to watch cartoons as we snacked.

Once our treat was through we had family game time with lots of Candy Land, puzzles, and our first ever try at Go Fish.  Mom and Maeven teamed up to have a go at me.  I won the first round, but two rounds later I am pretty sure they were pulling one over on me, but I never figured out how.

I know lots of people were posting online about dreading being stuck in their houses due to the weather, but it turned out to be a great time for our family to spend together.  Hopefully today we can get out and enjoy the snow with some sledding!

February 6, 2015 – Video Friday

Today instead of doing a photo Friday, I am doing a video Friday.  My dear sweet daughter has been a real trooper this week as she has been stuck inside all day everyday while I work and Momma and brother have been sick.  While she has been well behaved, she has started to go a little nutty and is spinning and singing like crazy all the time.  Maeven definitely keeps us very entertained!