hoping for dry weather and a fun family night…

0019. Outdoor Family Movie Night 140912 copyFor the past couple of weeks here in Beattyville we have been getting lots and lots of rain.  One of the effects of all the rain, other than the hayfield that is my yard, has been the rescheduling of one of our last “Summer” events at the Rec Center.  Last week we were supposed to have an outdoor family movie night at the Lee County Recreational Center.  It was going to be a fun night for local families to come out and enjoy a family movie, for them to see all the Rec Center has to offer, and for us to build relationships with these families.  Last week however the rains came down and the movie night got postponed.

This week we are are going to try one more time to have our family movie night!  This Friday night at 7 pm we are praying our field will be filled with lots of local families and that the weather will cooperate for a fun night for all.  If you are in the area we would love to have you join us!

pray for Judah…

Judah snacking...

Judah snacking…


After writing the post below this morning, we took Judah to his ear appointment.  We are excited to share that all his tests came back great and that there is no problem with his hearing.  This means that now he will be all clear to begin receiving speech therapy.  Please keep praying for him as he goes through this therapy that he will be a able to communicate easily and soon!


This afternoon Erin and I will be taking our son, Judah, to a hearing specialist. If you know Judah, at all you know that he is a very sweet boy who loves his elephants and dinosaurs. Over the past few months we have become concern because his speech has not really progressed that much, especially compared with where his sister Maeven’s speech was at this point. Judah has a few words that he says really well, but hasn’t really added much to his vocabulary and most of the time when he talks with us we can’t understand him at all. So a few weeks ago, Erin called a state program that helps with speech therapy. Before he can be enrolled in speech therapy, they are sending us today to see a hearing specialist to make sure that there are no serious hearing issues that could be impeding speech progress. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Judah. First of all, please join us in praying that there are no serious hearing issues and that he would be able to start communicating well with some speech therapy. If there is a hearing issue, please join us in praying that it will be something that won’t be too rough on him to get corrected. We are so thankful for our little boy and appreciate your prayers for him! Hopefully soon, he can tell us how much he loves elephants clearly!

FCA Huddle Update – August 28, 2014

All_In_BlackAfter blogging about starting FCA Huddles on Tuesday, I found out that this Friday our local high school is having their monthly Club Day.  So, tomorrow morning for an hour and then in the afternoon in the hour I will be there doing two FCA Huddles.  Please pray for me as I talk to the students about what they can expect in the upcoming school year with our FCA Huddles, ways they can get more involved in FCA in general, and most importantly as I do a short devotion and share the Gospel.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to share right in the schools, so please pray that our Club Day FCA will have a huge impact for Christ on our high school!

youth bowling league starting back again…

After School Jr LeagueWith the start of our fall bowling leagues at the Rec Center also comes the start of our After School Youth Bowling League outreach!  This is a great outreach that we do where students K through 12 can come out each Monday, bowl two games of bowling, receive instruction, pizza, and a drink.  We are able to take buses and pick the students up at their schools and bring them out.  The parents can either pick the students up at the Rec Center or to one of three drop off points.  Over the past few years we have had lots of students participate in this program.  Much of the outreach portion has been through relational evangelism and had even had students accept Christ.  We have also had various times where we have presented the Gospel with our students with everyone listening.  This year we hope to have more times where the Gospel is shared corporately and then have solid Christian adults who are available to follow up with the students.  Please join me in praying that God will begin working in the lives of the students who are going to attend this outreach even now.  Pray that we will have a great turn out and that many student will choose to follow Christ!  Also, pray for plenty of adult volunteers to work with us with our student.  Also, consider whether or not you could volunteer a mere hour and a half a week to see lives changed for Christ!

almost time for ALL IN…


One week from today, I will be waking up bright and early to head to Lee County High School for our first FCA Huddle of the year.  Then two days later I will be heading to Lee County Middle School for the first LCMS FCA Huddle of the year.  This year we are really excited to get back to our students as we challenge them to go “All In” in their relationships with Christ.  We are going to be challenging them to set aside all those things that hold them back from being totally devoted to Christ.  Please begin praying in this upcoming week that God will already be working in the hearts of our students.  Pray that this will be the year where they will totally be “All In” for Christ and as a result we will see a revival in our school system.  Pray for myself, my wife, and all our teachers that help with FCA.  Pray that we will be a true example of Christ to our students both in our words and our actions!  God is going to do something great this year in our FCA, please join in as a prayer partner!!!


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