great, affordable, festival food…

pizzainboxThis weekend is the big annual Woolly Worm Festival here in Beattyville.  The town will be filled with all kinds of food and craft booths as well as tons of other things to spend your money on.  In the middle of all the madness, we will have a booth for the Lee County Recreational Center.  At our booth we will have pizza, sodas, ice cream, and much more.  The best part is that compared to a lot of the other Festival foods ours will be not only among the best tasting, but also probably the best value.  Our booth not only is a great fundraiser in general for the Lee County Recreational Center, but due to the festival we don’t get a lot of traffic through the Rec Center.  So the booth helps make up for a lot of needed income that would be lost otherwise this weekend.  So if you are in Beattyville, KY this weekend for the big Woolly Worm Festival stop by the Lee County Recreational Center booth, get some great food and support a great ministry!

another lock-in is around the corner…

lock-inHere at the Rec Center it’s almost time for our first all night teen lock-in of the school year. On October 31st we are expecting between 150 to 250 teens to come out from 10pm that night until 6 am the next morning for a fun filled night of bowling, games, prizes, food, and most importantly a Gospel presentation. Normally, I would post about this event the week of and ask you to be praying, but this time I am hitting you up for prayer and consideration much earlier. Our lock-ins are by far our largest teen outreaches that we have. Unfortunately, with each lock-in it is getting harder and harder to find volunteers to help chaperone all night through. Without these volunteers it’s hard to put on this outreach. We need solid adults who care for our students to help us with this large of a project. So, I am asking you to begin praying right now that God will provide plenty of quality help for this lock-in. Also, begin praying if you might be able to come donate the whole night or half of the night to help reach our local students. God is going to do something great through this outreach and we hope and pray you will be a part of it!

challenging students to be All In…

ResizeImage.aspxAs I have mentioned in previous blog posts our FCA theme this year is All In.  Through out the school year we are challenging our students to be All In when it comes to their relationships with Christ.   So far this year, I have been able to talk to the students about how God is all in for them, the world is all in for them, and this week I have been challenging the students that they need to be All In.

One of the cool things about this week’s lesson is the way God ties all things together and how when it comes to God there are no coincidences.  Over the summer with our FCA Leadership team we did a Bible study based on the Not A Fan: Teen Edition.  Through that study we talked with our students about how God is wanting us to be followers who are all in for Him and not fans who lack dedication.  In that study one of the main passages we studied was Luke 9:23, where Jesus says that in order to be His disciples we must be willing to deny our ourselves and daily pick up our crosses and follow Him.  Throughout the study we challenged our students that when you are a true follower of Christ it will cost you something.  Being All In for Christ always comes with a cost.

This week’s FCA study that we are doing in our weekly Huddles, also used Luke 9:23 as the main passage when talking about how our students (and all Christians) need to be All In for Christ.  It is so exciting for me as I teach, to be able to see how God has been tying all our studies together to point our students to what it means to be a true All In follower of Christ.  Getting to once again talk to students about what denying themselves and taking up their crosses truly looks like.  How it means being willing to put Christ first and pay whatever it costs to follow him, whether that be humiliations, loss of relationships, suffering, and even death.  Because the we know that as followers Christ has promised He will always be with us and that one day we will spend forever with Him in Heaven.

God is truly working in the lives of our FCA students and we are excited to watch them grow into All In followers of Christ.  Please pray for them as they daily seek to deny themselves and take up their crosses!

My little girl is 4!!!

My Birthday Girl!

My Birthday Girl!

Four years ago today was one of the longest days of mine and Erin’s life.  The night before Erin had been admitted to the hospital so that labor could be induced bright and early  on September 30, 2010.  Induction started at 5 am, but when Maeven didn’t arrive all afternoon by early evening the doctors decided to do a c-section.  Finally by 6pm that night our beautiful baby girl was here.  Part of us expected to see a little red headed baby, but there she was with a full head of dark hair.   Our lives would never be the same after Maeven Cady Owens arrived.

Over the past four years it has been awesome to see her grow and watch her funny little personality develop.  To be honest, the only bad thing has been how quickly time has gone by!  If you read mine and my wife’s ministry blog, then you know the awesome news that on Sunday night our sweet Maeven prayed to receive Christ as her Savior!  We couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate her birthday and are so excited to see how God is going to work in her life!

I love my sweet girl and am truly blessed to be her Daddy!

pinching myself…

How I used to feel waiting on slow internet...

How I used to feel waiting on slow internet…

In the fall of 2005, I moved into my “first” house here in Beattyville, KY.   During the first couple of weeks of being in that home,  I went through all the things you do when you move somewhere.  I set up all the various utilities like water, electric, tv, and even phone.  When the phone company came out to set up my landline service, I inquired of them about when I would be able to get high speed internet at my house.  The service technicians told me that I would surely have it with in the next two years.  Well, 2007 came and went and I didn’t have it and even 9 years later I found myself still lusting after the high speed internet that family and friends in other places were able to get.  All that changed on Tuesday as I finally entered into the high speed world!

I am now finding it hard to believe that I can actually watch videos online and don’t have to worry about using up all the bandwidth I have for the month in a couple of days.  I sometimes feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream or a big joke someone is playing on me.  Not only that things I would do for the Rec Center website or for the mission easier to do, but I have even more possibilities of what I can do.  For the past several years, I’ve wondered about taking some online classes to further my education for both help in ministry and also personal growth.  Due to bad connections and over all unreliability I’ve not looked too hard into my options.  Now, that’s something I hope to change and get working on in the near future.

In the next few months AT&T is going to be continuing to work in our area spreading high speed internet around our community.  While I am so glad and excited to have it at my house finally it has not yet reached the Lee County Recreational Center.  Please pray that it will get there soon.  One of the ways that we hope to help the financial situation out at the Rec Center is offering wifi and becoming an internet cafe.  With so many rock climbers and hikers in our area, as well as members of our community in general, needing internet access I have no doubt that this would be a huge draw and financial boost for us.  So please please pray that this will happen soon!

In the mean time, I may be taking more of my computer work home with me, but the ease that I can do it with is still amazing me!


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