an update on Erin’s health…

Erin feeling better!

Erin feeling better!

It’s been awhile since I last posted to bring you up to date on Erin’s health.  At the end of last year we found out that she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a herniated disk.  The neurologist put her on some meds and she had been getting some much needed relief.  Last month, Erin had the opportunity to speak to a group of ladies at a missions conference we attended. When she shared some of her health struggles with them, she was approached by no less than 5 women who had similar symptoms. In every case they went gluten free and almost all of their symptoms went away.  After much prayer and searching for gluten free products and recipes Erin was able to go gluten free almost three weeks ago.  We have been amazed as this has had a amazing impact/turn around Erin’s every day life.  Her energy levels are up, almost all of her neuropathy is gone, and just feels better in general.  Yesterday, she had her neurologist check up and the doctor was very pleased with her progress.  He agreed that the gluten allergy is probably what caused her problem and told her to keep it up.  The doctor also said she could start decreasing her meds!   We are  praising God for Erin’s change in health and are excited that 2014 looks like it will be a much better year for the Owens family health wise!  Thank you for your prayers for Erin and our family!

Photo Friday – My Princess

Last night we took our sweet Maeven to Disney on Ice and she had a blast.  From jumping up and down and singing along to covering her hands in cotton candy!!!  It was a great night that just excited and overwhelmed her!

Erin and Maeven enjoying Disney on Ice!!!

Erin and Maeven enjoying Disney on Ice!!!

taking my princess to see princesses…

my princess and me...

my princess and me…

Tonight is the night where I prove how much my daughter Maeven has me wrapped around her little finger.  Tonight I am taking Maeven, who will be fully dressed as a princess, to see Disney on Ice!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl and we both love Disney characters.  We are hoping to go to Disney World next year if all goes well.  But a night full of princesses who are “rockn’  ever after,” on ice, might just test my loyalty.  But, the excitement Maeven has had over going has made it all worth while.  I can’t wait to see her smile big and eyes grow wide as she takes it all in.  Who knows?  Maybe a smile will grow on my face and my eyes will get wide too?  Then again that might be just from looking up at all he UK banners in the rafters at Rupp Arena!

Photo Friday – April 4, 2014

This week I was able to go to Lexington on Tuesday to run some errands for KMM.  The biggest perk of these errands was that I was able to take my family with me and enjoy and afternoon out together.  The kids actually love to go and were excited as they got to visit Toy R’ Us for the first time and eat out.  One of the things they love about any little trip that we get to do is getting to watch movies in the van.  This week they were really into watching “Looney Tunes” cartoons for the first time.  While Momma was in one store they begged to watch the  Road Runner and so I popped it in the dvd player and they were glued as you can see below.  I am thankful for small things like fun afternoons with the family and the big things like having to sweet and loving kids like Maeven and Judah!

captivated by "Looney Tunes"

captivated by “Looney Tunes”

book recommendation for church members and those considering joining a church…

rainer-book-1-241x300Last night at our church we began a new round of small groups and the one that I chose to attend is one that our pastor is leading on what true church membership is like.  The group is based on a study of the book, “I am a Church Member” by Thom Rainer.  The book itself is a small book that is a very easy read, evidenced by the fact that I got it last night and am almost done reading it at the writing of this blog post.  The book is a great reminder to those of us who have been involved in church life for so long about what true participation and growing as a church member looks like.  It also is a great introduction into what a church member should be to new Christians who are considering joining a church.   Some of the basic things discussed in the book are bing a functioning church member, not letting church be about our own preferences and desires, praying for our leaders, leading our families to be healthy members, and viewing church membership as a gift and not a right.  Through just reading I have already been challenged to grow in my role as a believer and church member.  I highly recommend reading this book and also doing a study on it in your church.  I am really excited to see how God is going to use it in my church and am looking forward to the next several weeks of discussion!


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