Puppies are gone!



There was much rejoicing in the Owens house last night as there was no longer the sounds of cute little puppies whining and crying late at night!  After a busy two days of delivering puppies to new owners from all over KY, TN, and OH all seven pups have found their forever homes!  Thank you to all who read this blog for putting up with our puppy advertisements for the past couple of months.  Also, if you were interested in a puppy and weren’t able to get one from this litter we have good news for you.  In the spring of 2015 we hope to have two more litters of pups!  In the mean time check out http://www.bluegrasssuperdogs.com for upcoming litter updates.

adopt Abram today!!!

Another week has passed and we are down to only one puppy!  A cute little male named Abram is waiting to find his forever home.  We are offering a discounted price on Abram to a good home this week.  If you are interested in giving this cute little guy a great home contact us today!!!

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last grade school camp of the summer…

Let's go to camp!

Let’s go to camp!

This morning as this post goes live, I am on the road to pick up grade school campers for the final week of Grade School summer camps at Youth Haven Bible Camp.  I always love going to pick up the kids and seeing how most of them are so excited about going to camp.  I also love talking to the students who are nervous and potentially looking home sick.  Those kids I try to share with all the fun things that they are going to do at camp, the people they will meet, and also all that they are going to learn about in chapel.  Please pray for the students that are coming to camp this week that they will have a great week and make lots of new friends.  But most importantly they will be open to the messages they will hear about the love of Christ through the music and our speaker.  Pray that our speaker will clearly communicate the Word to our campers.  Pray for our counselors and staff as they interact with the campers that they will have opportunities to share the Gospel as well.  This is going to be a great week and I know God is going to do great things!  Keep praying!

Photo Friday – Submarine Campers

This summer my kiddos have loved going to Youth Haven Bible Camp and participating in all the camp has to offer and making new friends too.  One of their favorite things is Submarine that the camp has for their theme decorations.  So, for this week’s Photo Friday, I had to put up pics of the kiddos cheesing it up behind the sub!


Book Report – The Lonesome Gods

IMG_2880I am still faithfully working on this year’s empty shelf challenge.  For my next Fiction read I went back to an old favorite, “The Lonesome Gods” by Louis L’Amour.  From the time I was 18 until my kids were born when I was 29 I had a tradition that I would read two of my favorite books by Louis L’Amour at least once a year.  One of those two books was “The Lonesome Gods.”

Don’t worry this book is not about Gods or anything heretical.  The book is actually a western about a young boy named Johannes Verne.  The book starts off with Johannes traveling in a wagon to California with his dying father and a host of other westward pioneers.  You quickly find out that Johannes’ father is a widower who is taking his son to live with father-in-law.  The only catch is that the Grandfather is a Spanish Don who hates the father and wants both the father and any trace of his daughter’s marriage wiped out.  The Grandfather eventually meets them in the dessert outside of early Los Angeles and has the father killed and leaves the grandson to die alone in the desert.  As you can guess the boy survives and the rest of the book tells of him growing up and dealing with those who killed his father and left him for dead.  It also does a great job of showing how hatred can ruin lives and and forgiveness allows one to move on in life.  I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil the book, but you won’t be disappointed.

I have read this book over 12 times and still find myself wanting to read it again and again.  If you make the decision to dive in you won’t be disappointed.  This book has everything a good book should have action, adventure, a little romance, great character development, great plot, and even timeless truths that can be learned.  So, please, go get a copy and read “The Lonesome Gods.”


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