come back and bowl…

August is a busy time of preparation at The Lee County Recreational Center.  As the summer closes we are busy gearing up with various outreach and activity plans for the fall and winter seasons.  One of the big things that we have accomplished is laying out what bowling leagues we will be having and when they will be starting.  Below is the flyer for when each individual league will be starting.

A prayer request I would like to ask of you is to pray that many people will come out and join these leagues.  Over the last year due to not having heat and air, as well as various other reasons our number of league bowlers has declined.  Our heat and air units are now up and running great and bowling is very comfortable.  The league bowlers are very much a huge part of us being able to keep our doors open and do various outreaches.  So please pray that we will have a great turnout!  Leagues not only help us but they truly are a great way to meet new people, build relationships and have lots of fun.  So if you live in this area, please consider joining a league yourself!

0001. Winter Bowling League Flyer

reading in the dark…

ipadreadingAt the beginning of this year I posted about doing the empty shelf challenge where I was trying to fill up an empty shelf with a variety of books that I would read throughout the course of this year.  I have actually done quite well with this challenge, even better than I had personally expect.  That being said their has been one thing that has actually aided me quite well in my reading goals, reading in the dark on my iPad.

I know their are many literary purist out there who love the good old paper books and won’t go over to reading on tablets.  And I must admit for non-fiction books, especially good Christian literature I still prefer a book that I can highlight and make notes in.  But being able to read by the light of the tablet in the dark when my wife, who tends to fall asleep early, is off in dreamland has greatly aided in the amount that I am able to read.  It’s during these times that I catch up on my fiction in take.  Reading a good story is a great way wind down after a long day and tablet reading has been a great way to do so.  Also, if you are like me and live rurally and can’t always get to the store or don’t want to wait on the next book in a series to arrive by mail iBooks, Kindle Apps, and other tablet book services provide a great way to keep reading your series with no delay.

Even if you are a purist who loves your paper books keep reading them and buy them, but a good copy that you can have access to immediately and read in the dark on your tablet, computer, or even phone is a great alternative that I highly recommend!

no coincidences with God…

BiblestudyboyIn the Sunday School class I teach at our church I have been going through a weekly study on owning/developing your own faith.  With students everywhere, and particularly in our area, I have seen a major problem where they really don’t know what they believe about God.  Often when you ask them how they know they are a Christian, they respond with something about going to church or the fact that some member of their family is a Christian so therefore they are.  Understanding what a true personal relationship with Christ is, is something that often eludes them.  Also, many of our students that do have solid relationships with Christ, still struggle with being able to share with others what they believe and why.  So the series we are doing has been great to help them own their faith.

Yesterday’s Sunday School lesson was on owning your own faith through understanding the deity of Christ.  Basically, that’s a long way of saying understanding that Jesus is God.  It was a great lesson as I really felt like the students were engaged as we discussed things like the eternality of Christ, the fact that He is the Creator, and many other aspects of his deity, especially the fact that He is God and not just a prophet or a good man.

The awesome thing about how God was working yesterday was the fact that our lesson tied directly in with our pastor’s morning sermon.  Our pastor spoke from John 3 about Nicodemus visiting Jesus in the night.  One of the key points that he shared was how Jesus was clear to Nicodemus that He was God and that we must look to Him for Salvation.

As I sat there listening to my pastor speak, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I thought about how God was working that very morning.  My pastor and I hadn’t spoken to each other this week and had no way of knowing what the other was going to teach, but God had a plan.  Our students were very clearly able to hear that Jesus truly is God the Almighty Creator and that only through Him can we truly find Salvation.  I know some people may say that this was just and awesome coincidence, but I know that with our Awesome God there are no coincidences.  Just as I know this was an awesome part of God’s plan how these lessons tied together, I know that His plan is not completed yet.  So please join me in praying for our students that they will take this very clear message and apply it to their lives and trust in Jesus as the one true God and Savior!

Photo Friday – Creepy Kitty!





So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram last week you probably saw the picture below that I posted that was rather disturbing.  This cat came out of a claw machine and is basically “Caesarian Kitty.”   I did find out from a friend that I should look it up on eBay because it’s worth some money.  I was amazed to find this little gross sadistic toy is going for almost $50 online.  So if you are interested and want to help the Rec Center, feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse!


back to school 2014/2015…

For the past few weeks my posts have been few and far between and I want to apologize for that.  With the busyness of ministry and life in general I have just fallen behind.  Now with the camp season over with and being able to fall into more of a routine here at the Lee County Recreational Center, I hope to do a much better job of having regular postings.

Back_To_SchoolSo, in my first attempt to get back to blogging regularly, I wanted to start out with some prayer requests.  Today is the first day of the new school year here in Lee County.  As our students head back to school please keep them in your prayers.  We have been busy working with FCA students this summer helping encourage and prepare them to be “All In” leaders for Christ at their schools.  An “All In” Leader is someone who puts their relationship with Christ as the number one priority and relationship in their life and every aspect of their life flows from that.  This is a challenge for our students as they will face all kinds of school and peer pressures this year.  Pray that rather than their schools impacting their relationship with Christ that their relationship with Christ will impact their schools!

This year many of our faithful FCA Leaders will be seniors.  Pray that they will finish their school careers strong and leave behind a legacy of faithfulness to Christ.  Pray with us that this year we will see underclassmen grow in their faith to take strong leadership roles in our FCA Huddles.

Our FCA Huddles won’t officially start back for regular weekly meetings until September.  However we are going to be working with our Leadership team to lay out a plan for this year’s huddle meetings and set goals for the school year.  Please pray that we would follow God’s leading in the direction He would have for our Huddles to best honor Him.  Also, pray that our Leadership team will honor their commitments to being Leaders for Christ and being active members of our Leadership team.

I know that as we face a big new school year that there will be many challenges.  That being said, I know that I have an even bigger God who is going to do great things!  Please just keep praying for our students throughout the 2014/2015 school year!!!


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