Golf Fundraiser time…

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2 copyIt’s that time of year where I am getting ready for the Lee County Recreational Center’s biggest fundraiser, our Golf tournament on May 9th!  If you notice I said Golf Tournament and not Scramble this year.  For 2015 we are doing something different by moving our fundraiser to Sag Hollow Golf Club in Booneville, KY.  With this move we are able to guarantee we will have carts for everyone involved and therefore we don’t have to scramble the teams to make sure  no one walks.  With this being the case we are able to open our event to more people who would like to bring full teams to compete.  This year we are also trying to get businesses to enter teams into our event or to sponsor teams for those who can’t afford to golf on their own.  The cost of the tournament is $200 a team, but we are also having a cash prizes this year too!  For lunch this year we will once again be having a cookout from noon to 2 pm.  As always we will have lots of burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and plenty of homemade desserts.  The cost of lunch is just whatever you would like to donate to the Rec Center!  You don’t have to be in the Golf Tournament to come eat with us, anyone is welcome to join us!

So how can you help?  First and foremost please pray for us!  As I have shared before the Rec Center is in serious need of financial help to keep our various ministries going.  Pray that God will use this event to generate some much needed income.  Next pray about what role God would have you play in this event.  Perhaps you can put a team together or sponsor some teens who would like to play but need help with their entry fee?  Maybe you know a business or people who would be interested in sponsoring teams and you could encourage them to do so!  Please help us by spreading the word about this fundraiser.  At the bottom of this post is a pdf of our flyer, please print copies and share with friends you think might come and help us!  We need your prayers, your support, and your attendance for this event.  Please join us!

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2

a great trip to Chicago…

Our group @ Cloud Gate, the Chicago Bean

Our group @ Cloud Gate, the Chicago Bean

Last Thursday, my wife Erin and I, were blessed to be able to take 6 of our FCA students and one of our youth group students to Chicago, IL to visit Moody Bible Institute.   We left early that morning and drove to Chicago where some dear friends of ours opened their home for our group to stay in.

On Friday we took our students to MBI where they were able to eat in the student dining room, attend a class, meet with admissions and got a full tour of the school  I really enjoyed being able to share with the students a place that has meant so much to my life.  I don’t know if any of our students will end up applying to MBI or not, but we are hoping that this exposure to a Christian/Bible college will plant a desire in them to consider a Biblical education and giving their lives to full time ministry.

After visiting MBI on Friday we headed to Ed Debevic’s a 50’s style diner where the serving staff is dressed up in costumes and are in a fun way very rude and sarcastic.  Our students had a blast giving it right back to the staff and were very entertained.  Following supper we took the students Michigan Avenue where they were able to get some popcorn and do some souvenir shopping.

Saturday we took one last day for site seeing and started by going to see the famous Chicago Bean.  While the Bean was quite impressive I think our students were also just as thrilled to ride the subway!  Throughout the day we did many more fun things like trying deep dish pizza, riding the subway and bus again, and going to the zoo.  We were amazed when one or two of our students informed us that they hadn’t ever been to a zoo before.  We finally made it back to our hosts’ house and on Saturday night they treated us to a delicious cook out and we really enjoyed spending time with them.

I’m not sure how God is going to use this trip in the lives of our students, but I am praying that it will have a huge impact.  Exposing the students to the possibilities of Bible college and also all the places and cultures that they have a chance to experience in their lives in the next few years is huge.  Hopefully their world got a little bit bigger and they will be challenged to impact it in a bigger way for Christ!

my boy is 3 today!!!

IMG_5181Three years ago today, Erin and I were heading to Richmond, KY to the hospital.  Unlike when our daughter came things this time were scheduled out to the minute and we knew that in a few short hours we would be meeting our son.  We checked into the hospital at 9:30 am and by 1 pm our little boy had arrived.  Judah Andrew Owens was a healthy little boy weighing over 9 lbs with a full head of dark hair.

Three years later Judah still has a full head of hear only a little more blonde and a whole lot more curly.  He is truly one of the sweetest kids you could ever meet.  He loves his elephants, Winnie the Pooh, Baymax, and telling everyone how much he likes to “move it, move it!”  While he definitely get’s his looks from my wife’s side of the family there are definitely sure signs that he is my boy.  He can be stubborn, sleep through anything, loves his popcorn and pizza, and unfortunately for him has my big head that doesn’t always want to go through the neck hole of his shirts!

IMG_2628Perhaps the biggest thing that has happened this past year is the improvement in his speech.  Judah has not progressed as fast in his speech as his sister did or a lot of the other kids near his age, but he is finally starting to slowly put together his sentences.   The best sentence of all though, was a few weeks ago when I was putting him to bed and he said “Love you Dad.”

God has blessed me with an adorable, sweet, funny, cuddly, full of energy little boy.  I can’t wait to see how he is going to grow and change in year 3!

love seeing joy…

IMG_0059Last night our family had the opportunity to go see Disney on Ice.  We had a whole group of us as my wife and kids went, my mother-in-law, my parents, and my sister and one of her friends went with us.  A host of Disney characters were there skating for us to enjoy from all sorts of Disney movies.  Of course the classics of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy.  My kids were jumping for joy and dancing as soon as their favorites skated out.  Maeven went nuts for Arielle and Judah loved Mickey.  I’ll admit I myself enjoyed the show as well as the other adIMG_0056ults, but the main reason we were there and the main reason we had such a good time was being able to see the joy in my kids as their faces continually lit up with excitement throughout the entire night.  As their faces lit up, I couldn’t help but smile as I really notices the joy that grandparents were getting from the kids.  I know those of you who read this blog probably get tired of me talking about how blessed I am by the family God has given me, but it’s true.  And nothing blesses me more than seeing all of us gathered together and true joy on display!