a weekly date…

AFVEven though my children are still very young, my daughter is 5 and my son is 3, I am realizing more and more about how quickly time passes.  When we went to Disney a month or so ago, I stood back and watched my kids walking and realized I don’t have toddlers anymore, but little kids.  So, I have been trying to be more proactive in making time with each of my children so that I can treasure the time and they know how much I love them.

One of the things my daughter has loved is our weekly “Daddy/Daughter Date” where on Sunday nights before bed time we cuddle up on the couch and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Getting Maeven to sit still and stay by me for a long period of time is tough with all that little kid energy. Yet each Sunday she starts right after the morning church service asking when “Funny Bideos” comes on.  Throughout the day I answer that question with a countdown of how much longer we have.  When it’s finally time for us to watch the show she will quit whatever she is doing, run to the couch and snuggle up with me to watch the show.  Maeven talks through the entire show asking me with all sincerity why people did something so crazy or asking me to explain a video she doesn’t understand.  When our show is finally over, Maeven looks up at me and says, “I love you Daddy, do you have another ‘Funny Bideos’ we can watch???”

While I know my sweet little girl will not always want Daddy to watch videos with her, I am going to treasure every Sunday night I have with her.  I am truly blessed with the sweet little girl that God has given me!

pray for our huddles…

UnDefeated-Logos_3_legacyFor the last several years, my wife Erin and I have been blessed to help lead FCA Huddles at our local high school and middle school.  One of hte trends we have seen over the years is that one year a school will be up and another will be down in huddle attendance and then the next year it will switch.

This year we are in one of those years where our middle school huddle is really booming with 30 to 40 students attending each week.  The kids are eager to attend and we have had some truly great interaction with them.  Our high school huddle on the other hand is in a bit more of a down year.  We have about 6 to 8 students who attend faithfully and we are truly thankful for the growth we have seen in their lives.  At the same time it has been very disheartning at the high school as each week I have seen many kids who have came to FCA in the past and even attended leadership camps with us, just walking the hallways and not coming to our huddles.  Most of these students I have been able to speak with and invite back and thankfully they aren’t coming because of being upset or anything like that.  Honestly, they don’t really have any reason other than not making the effort to be there.

Please join me in faithfully praying for all our FCA students, but especially the high school students.  Pray for the ones that are faithful and wanting to grow in their walk with Christ, that they wouldn’t be distracted and sidetracked like it seems so many other students have been.  Pray for the students who are not attending, that God would become a priority in their life.  We would love to have them back at FCA, but more than anything want to see them strive to grow in their walk with God and impact their schools for Christ.  And lastly, pray for a group I haven’t event mentioned, our students who have graduated and are in college that they would continue to seek fellowship with other believers and grow in their relationship with Christ.

starting the week off tired…but choosing joy

IMG_0059This week is already off the a rough start for me.  Due to allergies and varios other things that are flowing around in my mind, I started off today, Monday, the first day of the work week…..tired.  I hate starting the week off tired as Mondays while representing all the things one must accomplish in the upcoming week, also represent all the potential to do and accomplish a lot of great things.  So this morning as I try to get moving, and try to get myself psyched up for the week ahead, I spent my prayer time asking God to help me to have energy, be joyful about all the possiblities and potential for great things this week has, and just be thankfulf or another day and week of life God has blessed me with.  Through foggy tired eyes, its hard to get excited about all we face in life, and I am by no means saying pray and you automatically will be Suzy Sunshine.  However, through praying I am reminding myself what a great God I serve, and that no matter what the week looks like, He will be there with me and so I have hope and joy!  So if you are like me and slow moving this morning and not looking forward to the week, spend some time talking with our great God and choose joy!

thank you for praying for our boy…

thumb_8cb2-73fb-e2ca-96a3_1024After my post yesterday about Judah’s speech troubles, Erin and I have been very overwhelmed by all the love and prayers that have been shown to us through comments, messages, texts, and calls.  Just knowing there are so many of you out there the care and are praying for our family and our sweet little boy has been so very encouraging.  Thank you so very much!

This morning Erin took our kids to the preschool that they attend once a week in Richmond, KY.  While there she was able to talk to his teacher about Judah going into speech therapy and about his expressive speech delay.  The teacher then took the time to encourage Erin about the growth she has already seen in Judah this fall at preschool.  Judah’s teacher said at the beginning of the school year when they would have free time, Judah wouldn’t interact with the kids and would go off on his own.  We know that this is partly because he is a shy little boy, but also because he struggles to communicate with other kids.  Judah’s teacher told Erin though that she has been very encouraged as he is now interacting with the other students and trying to play with everyone during free times.  Not only that, but Judah seems to really be enjoying himself!

All this to say, we thank you so much for your concern, kindness and prayers.  We know that God is going to do great things with our little boy and I look forward to sharing with you as God works in Judah’s life!

struggling with words…

love this little guy!

love this little guy!

As many of you have know or have read on here in the past, we have been concerned with my son Judah’s lack of speech.  Over the past year he has progressed slowly, but there still seems to be quite the delay compared to kids his age and where his sister was at this age.  Judah can talk and say certain things, but he has a hard time putting together sentences and expressing himself.  When we were at Disney last month, there were often times he would get overly stimulated by all the excitement, sights, and sounds.  The more stimulated he got, the more frustrated he grew because he couldn’t tell us what he was thinking and feeling.  In turn he would often act out due to all the frustration that had built up and we knew we had to seek help.

Yesterday we took Judah to get tested to see if he qualified for speech therapy.  Judah cooperated great with the speech pathologist and did all the testing.  After which we found out that he is definitely behind on his expressive speech and will be starting speech therapy next week and going weekly.  We are excited and happy to know that Judah will finally getting the help he needs and hopefully his frustration will start to ease as words come.  It’s also a blessing to know that there is no disability, but a delay that in time He will be able to overcome.  Please pray with Erin and I, that this will be a good thing and that our sweet boy Judah will soon be able to express exactly what he is thinking and feeling.