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come back and bowl…

August is a busy time of preparation at The Lee County Recreational Center.  As the summer closes we are busy gearing up with various outreach and activity plans for the fall and winter seasons.  One of the big things that we have accomplished is laying out what bowling leagues we will be having and when they will be starting.  Below is the flyer for when each individual league will be starting.

A prayer request I would like to ask of you is to pray that many people will come out and join these leagues.  Over the last year due to not having heat and air, as well as various other reasons our number of league bowlers has declined.  Our heat and air units are now up and running great and bowling is very comfortable.  The league bowlers are very much a huge part of us being able to keep our doors open and do various outreaches.  So please pray that we will have a great turnout!  Leagues not only help us but they truly are a great way to meet new people, build relationships and have lots of fun.  So if you live in this area, please consider joining a league yourself!

0001. Winter Bowling League Flyer

we need your bids!!!

0016. Auction Fundraiser copyThis Friday Night the Lee County Recreational Center will be holding an auction to help raise some much needed funding for our facility that will also help us be able to get our air conditioning system back up and running.  At our auction we will have a cook out dinner that starts at 6:30 pm and has all kinds of delicious  hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausage, and much more.  Some of the auction items available are below:

Red River Gorge ZipLine Passes, Various Restaurant certificates, crafts, pictures, exercise equipment, microwaves, mini-fridge, Coca-Cola Collectibles, Barbie & Marilyn Monroe Collectibles, humidifiers, knives, gift baskets, and much much more!  Check out the attached flyer and please come join us for this very important fundraiser!


End of School Teen Lock-In

02. 2014 End of School Lock-INMany of you had been praying for our Golf Scramble fundraiser last weekend and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated that.  God gave us a beautiful day for golf and everyone had a great time.  We were down a few golfers this year, but God blessed through some very generous sponsors!   Please continue to pray for us as we seek to raise money and get our air conditioning back up and running for this very hot summer that is coming.

This week though, we are gearing up for our End of School Teen Lock-In!!! On Friday night starting at 10 pm and going till 6am in the morning, we will be packed with 7th-12th graders.  Students will enjoy a fun night of cosmic bowling, bowling, ping pong and pool tournaments, karaoke, movies, and much more.  About half way through the night we will shut down everything and a guest speaker will share the Gospel with our students.   Please start praying with us for this event.  Pray that many students will come out.  Pray that we will have enough chaperones and helpers throughout the entire night.  Pray for our speaker that they will communicate the truth of God’s Word effectively to our students.  And most importantly, please pray for our students that they will have soft hearts and that many will make the decision to give their lives to Christ!

Lastly, please consider coming to join us for this outreach as a chaperone!  As our staff gets older we appreciate those who have a heart for our students and would help us with this fun event.  Hope to see you Friday night!!!

2014 Golf Scramble Fundraiser – Take 2

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterThis Saturday, May 31st, we will be holding our second attempt at this year’s Lee County Recreational Center Golf Scramble Fundraiser.  So far the weather report looks excellent, but please join me in praying that his will hold true and that we will have a gorgeous day for golfing.  Also, pray with us that we will have a large turnout of golfers and that a lot of much needed funds will be raised for the Rec Center.  We are in desperate need of getting our heat and air system back up and running here.  The lack of air conditioning is really starting to put a financial hurt on our ministry.  All that to say, this weekend could be a huge help for us financially.  So please pray with me that all will go well this weekend!  Thank you so much and we truly do appreciate your support and prayers!

Golf Scramble Rescheduled…

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterI spent most of last week asking you to pray about this past weekend’s Golf Scramble fundraiser for the Lee County Recreational Center.   As the weekend approached the weather reports grew more and more ominous and we had to make a decision on what to do.  With people coming in from out of town and rain looking more likely by the minute we decided to postpone the scramble until May 31st.  On Saturday we had several downpours of rain that made it clear we had made the right decision.

Now that the scramble has been rescheduled we are praying that this would turn out to be a blessing.  Hopefully, with a  little more time we will be able to recruit more golfers and sponsor and in turn raise more funds for the Rec Center.  Please join us in praying that this would be the case and also pray that on May 31st we will have a beautiful day for golfing and fund raising!


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