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rec center signageToday, has been a slow one so far here at the Rec Center. ¬†Not a lot of people coming in to take advantage of our fitness center or bowling today. ¬†It’s the time of year where many people are on vacation or out of town and so I know that slows things down a bit. ¬†At the same time there are many people that could come out that aren’t. ¬†Please pray that people will come out and use our facility and most importantly that we will have opportunities to interact with our community, build relationships, and share Christ. ¬†We want to take full advantage of every opportunity that Christ gives us here at the Lee County Rec Center and we ask you to pray for our faithfulness to do so.

Today i am here working at the Lee County Recreational Center and waiting for people to come in and bowl and take advantage of all the fun activities our facility has to offer. ¬†So far to be honest, it’s been pretty lonely. ¬†The sun is out and shining brightly which means lots of people are out and about doing all kinds of fun activities outdoors.

So how do we draw people inside? ¬†This is something that is on my mind today as I am pondering life’s many mysteries. ¬†As we head into summer I know there are going to be many more beautiful summer days and we can’t afford to have an empty Rec Center. ¬†Some of the things we have planned to deal with this issue are outdoor movie night’s, summer bowling leagues, Vacation Bible School, and various meal deals. ¬†So, I guess the purpose of this post is what ideas do you have that we could do to compete with the beautiful weather? ¬†Other than pray for rain that is!

IMG_3573This morning I have much to be thankful for!  Last week I asked everyone to be praying for our Lee County Rec Center Golf Tournament Fundraiser.  Specifically that you would pray for great weather and a great turn out for this event.  I am so happy to report that our prayers were answered and we had a beautiful event with a great turn out.  Eight teams of golfers joined us and had beautiful weather all day long.  We are so thankful for the generosity of our golfers and all our sponsors that made this event such a success!

On Monday a more personal prayer request was answered. ¬†In early April, my son Judah began having problems walking. ¬†The longer he walked it seemed like he would sometimes limp and then his feet/ankles would give out and he would fall. ¬†We decided to take him to his pediatrician to find out what was wrong and after some x-rays the doctor referred us to a specialist at Shriner’s Hospital in Lexington. ¬†The x-rays showed what our pediatrician thought were curved bones in his feet and that was his concern. ¬†On Monday, we finally had our appointment at Shriner’s and got some very good and very relieving news. ¬†The doctor said there is an odd shape to Judah’s big toe and the toe next to it, but it’s nothing to worry about at all. ¬†As far as the falling it cold have been a growth spurt or a twisted ankle at the time. ¬†As of right now there is nothing to be worried about at all. ¬†As the doctor spoke a weight was definitely¬†lifted off of Erin and I. ¬†We are so thankful to hear that our sweet little boy is going to be ok and thankful that we serve a great God who is always in control!

Clip Art Illustration of a Cartoon Golf Ball on a Golf CourseThe past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful here in Southeastern Kentucky. ¬†We have had great temperatures and sunshine and really couldn’t ask for anything better. ¬†With the nice weather my kiddos have been enjoying being able to play outside for hours on end and my wife has been enjoying the fact that they are getting that energy out and sleeping better! ¬†I personally have enjoyed it as the grass has finally dried out and mowing has become much easier now that wet grass isn’t clogging up the mower.

It looks as though the rest of this week is going to continue to be really nice and that’s why I am actually writing this blog post. ¬†Please pray with me that sunshine and warm temperatures continue the rest of this week as we approach our Lee County Rec. Center Golf Tournament on Saturday. ¬†We need great weather and a great turn out to help raise funds for the Rec Center. ¬†A rain date is in place, but we have found out in the past that we get a better turn out when we are able to stick to the originally scheduled date. ¬†So, please pray with me these next few days for our fundraiser!

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2 copyIn just two short weeks we will be having our annual Lee Co. Rec Center Golf Tournament fundraiser.  I know I have already blogged about it once or twice, but as we get closer we really need your support!  We still need teams to sign up for this event and plenty of people to just come out and show their support for the Rec Center.  Please join me in praying these next two weeks for great weather and a great turn out!  Also, please pray about how you might participate in this event.  The Lee Co. Rec Center needs your support!

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2 copyIt’s that time of year where I am getting ready for the Lee County Recreational Center’s biggest fundraiser, our Golf tournament on May 9th! ¬†If you notice I said Golf Tournament and not Scramble this year. ¬†For 2015 we are doing something different by moving our fundraiser to Sag Hollow Golf Club in Booneville, KY. ¬†With this move we are able to guarantee we will have carts for everyone involved and therefore we don’t have to scramble the teams to make sure ¬†no one walks. ¬†With this being the case we are able to open our event to more people who would like to bring full teams to compete. ¬†This year we are also trying to get businesses to enter teams into our event or to sponsor teams for those who can’t afford to golf on their own. ¬†The cost of the tournament is $200 a team, but we are also having a cash prizes this year too! ¬†For lunch this year we will once again be having a cookout from noon to 2 pm. ¬†As always we will have lots of burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and plenty of homemade desserts. ¬†The cost of lunch is just whatever you would like to donate to the Rec Center! ¬†You don’t have to be in the Golf Tournament to come eat with us, anyone is welcome to join us!

So how can you help?  First and foremost please pray for us!  As I have shared before the Rec Center is in serious need of financial help to keep our various ministries going.  Pray that God will use this event to generate some much needed income.  Next pray about what role God would have you play in this event.  Perhaps you can put a team together or sponsor some teens who would like to play but need help with their entry fee?  Maybe you know a business or people who would be interested in sponsoring teams and you could encourage them to do so!  Please help us by spreading the word about this fundraiser.  At the bottom of this post is a pdf of our flyer, please print copies and share with friends you think might come and help us!  We need your prayers, your support, and your attendance for this event.  Please join us!

01. Golf_Tournamet_Flyer2

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

Last week we were covered in snow most of the week, followed by a weekend covered in ice.  Out of six possible days to have the Rec Center open for the community we only were able to open one day.  With the dangerous road conditions shutting down was the right choice and the safe choice.  However, we definitely needed the income that was lost to help keep the ministry of the Rec Center going.

I have been looking ahead at the weather reports for this coming week it looks like we might escape more snow and ice, but have some cold days.  As we look ahead we are very hopeful that all week we will be able to stay open all week.  We are praying that our bowlers will be excited to come back out after a week of not being able to bowl and our fitness people will want to get back to the gym.  At least today there is no school and so hopefully we will get  some students out bowling!

We need a good week of people coming back out to the Rec Center after being shut down last week.  Please pray for good weather and lots of people to come back to the Rec Center!