pray for bowlers to return this week…

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

We decided not to bowl like this last week!

Last week we were covered in snow most of the week, followed by a weekend covered in ice.  Out of six possible days to have the Rec Center open for the community we only were able to open one day.  With the dangerous road conditions shutting down was the right choice and the safe choice.  However, we definitely needed the income that was lost to help keep the ministry of the Rec Center going.

I have been looking ahead at the weather reports for this coming week it looks like we might escape more snow and ice, but have some cold days.  As we look ahead we are very hopeful that all week we will be able to stay open all week.  We are praying that our bowlers will be excited to come back out after a week of not being able to bowl and our fitness people will want to get back to the gym.  At least today there is no school and so hopefully we will get  some students out bowling!

We need a good week of people coming back out to the Rec Center after being shut down last week.  Please pray for good weather and lots of people to come back to the Rec Center!

What are you doing on New Years Eve???

01. New Years 2014-2015i know this post is coming a few weeks early, but I really really need your help.  On New Year’s Eve we are holding our annual New Years Eve Teen Lock-In.  We are expecting around 150 area 7th through 12th graders to come to this outreach.  Throughout the night we will have bowling, cosmic bowling, games, karaoke, prizes, food, a guest speaker and much more.  As always, our main purpose is to share the Gospel with these teens.  This is a great opportunity to share Jesus and keep our teens in a safe environment on a night when there are many less than wholesome options for them to participate in.

In order to do this event though we depend on our KMM staff and volunteers from Lee County and surrounding communities.  With so many kids we need adults to help us chaperone by interacting with the kids, watching the doors, making sure kids are following the rules, and also just building relationships to share Jesus with our students.  Without volunteers this event and our other lock-ins really wouldn’t be possible.

Unfortunately our surplus of volunteers has dwindled over the past few years.  Between helpers getting older, having other commitments, moving away, and various reasons our number of volunteers at each lock-in has decreased.  God has been great  in making sure that we have just enough help, but as I look to the future i am concerned about how many more lock-ins we can keep having without more help.

So how can you help???  First of all, pray that we will have more than enough volunteers for this outreach and many more to come.  Next, consider volunteering yourself.  I know that a lot of people can’t stay all night long, but even if you could stay for the first half of the night, or come in for the last half of the night, that would be a great help and blessing to us.  If you feel led to volunteer, please contact me asap.  You can reach me via email, Facebook, or give me a ring at the Lee County Recreational Center.

I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Bowling for Churches…

Bowling high qualityWhen KMM opened up the Lee County Recreational Center’s Bowling Center in November of 2007, we made the decision to close on Wednesday Nights and Sundays so that we would not be competing with local churches.  There are enough things going on that pull at our youth and adults to keep them from attending church.  At the same time, one of our goals has always been to be a tool for the local church to use bring people in to hear about Jesus.  So, when approached by churches we make exceptions to our closed rule and open up for various outreaches that a church wants to do.

Yesterday, Erin and I were blessed to open up on a normally closed for our church’s youth group to come out for a monthly youth activity.  A whole van load of kids from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Powell County came out and joined us for a fun afternoon of cosmic bowling to the latest contemporary Christian music and Christmas music, and eating lots of pizza.  We had a great time being able to let the kids enjoy the bowling and fellowshipping with the other youth leaders who brought the kids.  As I made lunch for everyone and watched the joy that this outing was bringing to our students, I was reminded of how thankful I am to be part of a ministry that uses sports and recreation as a tool to bring others to Christ.  And to be able to be an extension for our local churches to use is just another huge blessing.

Please keep the ministries of the Lee County Recreational Center in your prayers.  Pray that more churches in our area will take advantage of our facility for their outreaches.  Most importantly, keep praying that whether through Church outreaches or through our own Rec Center Outreaches, that we will be able to share Jesus with many more people!

tired but thankful…

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker...

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker…

This past Friday night we held our annual Fall Teen Lock-In at the Lee County Recreational Center.  130 teens came out to this outreach and had a great night of bowling, games, movies, and lots of fun.  Most importantly though, KMM Missionary Mark Coburn shared a devotion with the students where the Gospel was very clearly presented.  Please join us in praying that we will be able to follow up with our students and that the seed that were planted during the lock-in will see many teens accept Christ as Savior!

Also, please be praying for myself and all the staff who gave of their time for this outreach.  I know personally I was blessed with plenty of energy to make it through the night, but now two days later I am really feeling sluggish and wiped out.  Pray that we will have plenty of energy for all that is going on this week and in the coming weeks!

Our lock-ins are a great opportunity to reach our local teens for Christ.  We have another coming up on New Year’s eve and would love for you to join us as a chaperone!  Start resting up now so you can join us December 31st!

great, affordable, festival food…

pizzainboxThis weekend is the big annual Woolly Worm Festival here in Beattyville.  The town will be filled with all kinds of food and craft booths as well as tons of other things to spend your money on.  In the middle of all the madness, we will have a booth for the Lee County Recreational Center.  At our booth we will have pizza, sodas, ice cream, and much more.  The best part is that compared to a lot of the other Festival foods ours will be not only among the best tasting, but also probably the best value.  Our booth not only is a great fundraiser in general for the Lee County Recreational Center, but due to the festival we don’t get a lot of traffic through the Rec Center.  So the booth helps make up for a lot of needed income that would be lost otherwise this weekend.  So if you are in Beattyville, KY this weekend for the big Woolly Worm Festival stop by the Lee County Recreational Center booth, get some great food and support a great ministry!